How does it work?

Step-by-step guide: from the initial inquiry to the solo hire


Any EASA Part-FCL licence holder - LAPL(A), PPL(A) or higher - can join the club. The first stage is a conversation with our instructor, and that can be done remotely over MS Teams. Then comes a checkout flight with the instructor - one hour at a "dual" rate from our price list should be budgeted for. After the checkout flight the new member signs a club agreement and is immediately eligible to hire an aeroplane. Each rental requires a valid licence and medical, we also have a currency requirement - if the last flight took place more than 35 days ago, a refresher flight with the instructor will be necessary before flying solo.


Club members pay a monthly membership fee and flying hourly rates - both are shown in the price list. The hourly rate applies to the actual time flown indicated by the Hobbs meter, and covers the fuel. A "dual" rate applies to flights with the instructor. Monthly membership fee is due for each month in advance. Pilots can choose from various forms of payment, including prepayments towards an individual account balance in the Goboko booking system.


The aeroplanes are based at the Poznań - Ławica airport, and this is where a typical rental will start and finish. For the checkout flight we suggest you familiarise yourself with the content of AIP AD 2 EPPO (except the IFR procedures) and the Poznań airspace structure, including CTR, TMA and the Krzesiny MCTR. No worries, we will cover this and other important matters in the initial Teams talk we will have before we schedule the flight.

Checkout flight

When scheduling the checkout flight, expect a three-hour meeting, including an hour and a half of flying. The exact duration of the flight will depend on the candidate's experience, both in terms of the overall flying history and familiarity with the PA28 type.

Typical checkout meeting and flight
  • Briefing: airport and club procedures
  • Briefing: pre-flight
  • Pre-flight walk-around and checks
  • Checkout flight (VFR)
  • Post-flight debrief
  • Payment and paperwork

Welcome to the club!

When the club agreement is signed and the payment is made, you can plan your first flight and book the plane for it


Club members make bookings for their own flights through the Goboko booking system. If a newly accepted club member hasn't got a Goboko account yet, they should sign up to the service first, and then, while logged on, join our club Goboko group (the Join button on the group's page).

Aircraft access

The planes are situated on Apron 1 of the Poznań - Ławica airport, whereas the aircraft keys and documents are stored in the club room within the General Aviation terminal. Initially, we envisage that pilots will be assisted by us each time they go to or return from airside. Starting or ending the rental outside the club opening hours may be possible by individual arrangement.