The eagle has landed

Piper Warrior II G-BPDT moved its base to Poland

The Westwings Poznań aircraft had been previously used by flight clubs and schools in England. On Saturday the 16th October 2021 the first positioning flight took place and the Piper Warrior II G-BPDT landed in Poland. The route took it from Coventry EGBE via Dortmund EDLW to Przylep EPZP. The first checkout flights are now imminent.

Dortmund turned out to be very general aviation friendly, probably not only as a technical stop, but also as a trip destination. Avgas is not cheap, but then it never is in Germany. On the other hand, landing fees are reasonable. Flight from Dortmund to Przylep took 2 hours and 40 minutes. Dortmund has been officially put on the candidate list for our future group flyout destinations.