Price list

Rates and prices for aircraft hire and training

All prices shown on this page include 23% VAT

Monthly membership

All club members pay a membership fee of 140 zł per month. Fees are due for each month in advance. When a pilot joins the club after the 15th day of the month, we reduce the first fee by 50%.

Advantages of the club membership:
  • Access to the aircraft booking system
  • Use of the club rooms
  • Access to preferential hire rates
  • Training at discounted rates
  • Group fly-outs
  • Access to the club forum on the web

Aircraft hire prices
(for the pilot club members)

  • Piper Warrior II - 774.90 zł / hour
  • Piper Warrior II IFR/PBN - 836.40 zł / hour
  • Piper Dakota IFR/PBN - 971.70 zł / hour
  • 10-hour package - 200 zł cheaper
  • 30-hour package - 1000 zł cheaper
  • Instructor - add 123 zł / hour  (flight only, no extra payment for brief/debrief time)
Hire rates include (* = conditions apply):
  • Aircraft rental
  • Fuel for the flight*
  • One landing fee in Poznań*
  • Assistance in airside access
  • Instructor briefing and debriefing*
  • (flight time measured by tacho)

Training flights
(no requirement to join the pilot club)

  • Dual training flight for a non-member (Piper Warrior + instructor) - 1,082.40 zł / mth
  • Other training - pricing on request

Hour building

For those interested in hour building, i.e. fairly intense aircraft rental within limited timeframe (months or weeks) we offer individual quotations on request. Hourly rates depend on the number of hours committed to. As an indication: in small packages the rate will be closer to that included in a single dual flight price (960 zł), and the larger the package, the closer it will be to the club rate (775 zł).

To ensure equity in access to the fleet with long-standing club members, our current capacity is up to two hour-builders at any given time.