Price list

Rates and prices for aircraft hire and training

Monthly membership

All club members pay a membership fee of 140 zł per month. Those joining in 2021 will receive a discount of 600 zł in total over a year (fee down to 90 zł for the next 12 months). Fees are due for each month in advance. When a pilot joins the club after the 15th day of the month, we reduce the first fee by 50%.

Advantages of the club membership:
  • Access to the aircraft booking system
  • Use of the club rooms
  • Access to regular hire rates
  • Training at discounted rates
  • Group fly-outs
  • Access to the club forum on the web

Aircraft hire rates

  • Piper Warrior II - 615 zł / hour
  • Piper Warrior II IFR/PBN - 690 zł / hour
  • Piper Dakota IFR/PBN - 790 zł / hour
  • 10-hour package - 200 zł cheaper
  • 30-hour package - 1000 zł cheaper
  • Instructor - add 123 zł / hour (flight only, no extra payment for brief/debrief time)
Hire rates include (* = conditions apply):
  • Aircraft rental
  • Fuel for the flight*
  • One landing fee in Poznań*
  • Assistance in airside access
  • Instructor briefing and debriefing*
  • (flight time measured by Hobbs meter)

Training flights
(no requirement to join the pilot club)

  • Aviation English in practice - 875 zł for members, 975 zł for non-members (includes a 1-hour flight, excess time charged at 12,25 zł / min)
  • Additional saving is possible when combining the Aviation English flight with the checkout flight
  • Dual training flight for a non-member (Piper Warrior + instructor) - 850 zł / hour