Planned courses

Westwings Poznań is a Declared Training Organisation listed by Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego - the Polish NAA - under the reference number PL/DTO-75. In the near future we plan to add the pilot licence courses to our training offer range. More details below.

Training for pilot licences and ratings

The law of European Union specifies detailed requirements in terms of the training courses for the initial issue of flight crew licences and adding to them the extra privileges and ratings. The delivery of our training will be based on the training programmes approved by EASA - the European Union Aviation Safety Agency - and submitted to Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego - the Polish competent authority.

PPL(A) licence

45+ hours*

  • ICAO-compliant licence
  • Recognised worldwide
  • Theory course by self-study**
  • Minimum 45 hours of flying training
  • 9 theory exams
  • Skills test in flight - approx. 2 hours

LAPL(A) licence

30+ hours*

  • "Sub-ICAO" licence
  • Recognised only by EU Member States
  • Theory course by self-study**
  • Minimum 30 hours of flying training
  • 9 theory exams
  • Skills test in flight - approx. 2 hours

Night rating

5 hours*

  • Additional rating
  • Added to PPL(A) and LAPL(A) licences
  • Theory - one session with instructor
  • Minimum 5 hours of flying training
  • No tests after the training
  • Offered from September to May

* Minimum duration of the flying training set by the Part-FCL regulations. For the initial licence issue training it is safe to assume 5 hours more than the minimum. Night rating training is typically completed within the minimum time.

** Individual learning of the theoretical knowledge based on the detailed training programme specifying which sections from which books should be read and understood before a given flying exercise. Additionally, every student is entitled to the individual support from our CTKI (Chief Theory Knowledge Instructor). This will be delivered by 1:1 tuition as and when required.

Training aeroplanes

Flying training is carried out on the Piper PA-28-161 aircraft, also known as Piper Warrior. These are fairly spacious aeroplanes - relative to the rest of the class - with four seats and one piston engine. After completing the training and receiving the licence you can join our pilot club and start planning the first trip by air with your family or friends.

Theory and flying in parallel

In our training programmes the theoretical and practical training is delivered concurrently. There is no need to complete the entire theory course and pass all exams before the first flying lesson.

Individual approach

The Westwings DTO approach to training is markedly different from the market average. Our proposition is tailored to a client who requires individual treatment and flexibility, as they will typically have other commitments - family, work, business etc.

Reliable resources

In our work we use the training resources from the Air Pilot Manual collection by Pooley's, which together form a comprehensive theoretical and practical training programme.

In a hurry?

We plan to formally declare the extension of our training range in September 2022. If you want to become one of our first students, you may consider completing a PPL/LAPL theory in another school without waiting. After you pass the 9 exams you may come to us just for the flight training. In that case, please also make sure you have the Class 2 medical.