Our training proposition consists of a few mini-courses for those, who already have a pilot's licence. Club membership is not required to take part in a course, but it makes the pilot eligible for a discount

Aviation English in practice

An interesting and new-to-the-market brief Aviation English course aimed at licenced pilots who would like to increase their confidence when working an English-speaking radio frequency in flight. The training is delivered by a dual-qualified (EASA Part-FCL i UK Part-FCL) instructor with 500+ hours flown in the United Kingdom and the ICAO level 6 English endorsement.
The mini-course is divided in two parts. First is a ground school lesson, combining the Aviation English revision with coaching dedicated to increasing the candidate's comfort around using English in flight. The second, practical part, is a flight in Poznań's controlled airspace and working all radios exclusively in English. A system of flashcards will make everything fall into place and become easier.

SEP(L) class rating

The SEP(L) class rating is valid for 24 months. The rating can be revalidated while it is still valid, or renewed after expiry. The requirements stipulated in Part-FCL for revalidation and renewal are different.
Revalidating the SEP(L) rating by experience includes a flight (or flights) with a suitably qualified instructor during the second 12 months of the rating validity. Rule FCL.740.A (b) does not prescribe any programme or exercises to be carried out during such a flight, and there is no pass or fail outcome. Pilots who need to fulfil the flight requirement can get in touch and arrange a 1-hour flight with our instructor.

In order to renew an expired SEP(L) class rating, a refresher training is required, followed by a proficiency check with an examiner. Details of the refresher training are described in rule FCL.740 (b). Please come to us, bring your licence and logbook, and we will do our best to help, designing and delivering the training, and then directing you to an examiner.

Flight with an instructor

A training or refresher flight with an instructor may be useful in many situations, even if not required by regulations:
  • Temporary dip in self-confidence after a break in flying, even though the SEP(L) rating remains valid
  • Pilot willing to acquire new skills e.g. flying in/through controlled airspace or across the state borders
Please get in touch, we will be more than happy to help.